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Last 25th of May, Manolis Tsapakis (HCMR) and Saioa Ramos (AZTI) presented main objetives and expected results of LIFE AQUAPEF project in the Annual meeting of Medaid H2020 project organized in Chania (Crete). In the session Manolis and Saioa explained main environmental problems caused by the mediterranean aquaculture production and the importance of measuring the [...]

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The EC will finance the LIFE AQUAPEF project, coordinated by AZTI, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of fish hatcheries.

The European Commission has just approved a set of investments worth 243 million euros under the LIFE programme for projects in favour of nature, the environment and quality of life in Europe's transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future. In the case of Spain, we mentioned the LIFE AQUAPEF project (Promote the effective implementation [...]

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