AQUAPEF project part of the Marine Fish PEFCR Technical Secretariat

Part of the transition phase of the Single Market for Green product initiative of the DG Envi (EC) several pilots are being carred out to support the possible adoption of policies implementing the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).

One of this polot is the Marine Fish PEF Category Rule development, which main aim is test the process for developing product- and sector-specific rules. The scope of the PEFCR Fish for human consumption is from marine fisheries and aquaculture. This includes live fish, fresh or chilled fish (including preserved fresh, chilled or frozen).

Mr Henrik Stenwig, Director of Health and Quality of the Norwegian Seafood Federation, is the Contact person for this Technical Secretariat, and LIFE AQUAPEF is part of this technical secretariat to provide the perspective of the seabass and seabream production in the mediterranean sea.

We will keep you informed about the advances of this pilot 🙂

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