Effective implementation of the PEF in the aquaculture sector


The Project

Based on the Marine Fish pilot and the new ecological indicator proposed, the project will develop the AQUAPEF Software As A Service (SAAS) to facilitate calculation of the environmental footprint. The project will also demonstrate the usefulness of the PEF methodology as a tool to identify best environmental strategies in the aquaculture sector.

During the project, an exhaustive analysis will be conducted to review the diverse types of improvements that have been proposed and applied in aquaculture, aiming to decrease these negative impacts and enhance the environmental quality.


The improvements will concern any of the various stages of the fish production chain, i.e. the site selection, feed ingredients, management tools, fish mortality controls and genetic selection.

The methodology and tool will be tested and demonstrated into 3 Seabass and seabream aquaculture companies, however, a special effort will be made to replicate to the whole aquaculture companies in the Mediterranean regions.

Within AQUAPEF project, main European aquaculture producer countries, associations and stakeholders will be involved to work together with clear and common objective. Spain and Greece will be directly involved in the project, and replication will be done in Italy.