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New video on AQUAPEF TOOL

AQUAPEF TOOL is a software based on the Environmental Product Footprint methodology accepted by the European Union which permits you to identify the environmental impact of your aquaculture products. It detects opportunities for improvement that allow you to reduce your footprint, optimise your sustainability strategy and add differential value. Press play and check all its [...]

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AQUAPEF TOOL at scientific conferences

Throughout 2022 AQUAPEF tool has been disseminated in scientific conferences and it has been well received among scientific audience. Among others, in the European Aquaculture 2022 in Rimini Italy, in the International conference of Life Cycle Assessment of Food in Lima (Peru) and in the Greek and Spanish national aquaculture conferences in Athens (Greece) and [...]

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Replicability and transferability of the AQUAPEF

Throughout 2022 different actions were carried out in order to ensure the replicability and transferability of the developed methodology. Main aim was to replicate the project outcomes in 8 aquaculture facilities in main countries/regions with relevant aquaculture production. Three workshops were carried out in Greece, Norway and Spain and 8 tool testing training curses with [...]

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Successful webinar about the Environmental Footprint in the aquaculture sector

On 9 November AZTI organised a webinar in the framework of the AQUAPEF project on Environmental Footprint in the aquaculture sector. It was attended by almost a hundred aquaculture professionals, environmental policy makers, technical advisors, researchers, among others. During the event, new strategies and production methods to improve environmental sustainability were discussed, the PEF methodology [...]

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First replication actions of the AQUAPEF tool in Greece

On 15 April, Dr. Saioa Ramos and Maite Cidad, researchers from AZTI's Efficient and Sustainable Processes Department and Victoria Litsi and Dr. Manolis Tsapakis from HCMR, took part in a workshop where they explained how the AQUAPEF tool could help companies to reduce their environmental impact. The workshop took place within the framework of the [...]

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AQUAPEF TOOL WORKSHOP at the Aquaculture Congress 2022

The AQUAPEF tool will be presented at the International Aquaculture Congress in Athens on 16th April. Dr. Saioa Ramos and Maite Cidad, researchers in efficient and sustainable processes department at AZTI, will be in charge of the workshop where attendees will have the opportunity to learn how the AQUAPEF tool can promote the reduction of [...]

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Digital solutions for more eco-friendly aquaculture 

The AZTI technology centre is coordinating the AQUAPEF project, an initiative seeking to develop a solution to calculate and verify the environmental impact of aquaculture The tool developed in the scope of the project also enables identification of the impact’s causes and origins, so that decision-making based on environmental criteria becomes easier Most commercially fished [...]

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New technologies for a efficient and sustainable fish feed

Fish farming is the world's fastest growing food producing sector employing thousands of people in many countries and generating billions in revenue for local economies. One of the major challenges in the industry is to maintain the economic growth rates by ensuring the sustainability of the production by reducing the environmental footprint of the production. [...]

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Implementation of Environmental Improvement by the use of Automatic Feeding System

Forkys Aquacultures SA uses an automatic feeding system to reduce the waste of feed during feeding process. The automatic feeding system can control the amount of feed and the ratio that the feed delivered to fish. You can see all the details about the use of the automatic feeder in aquaculture in this video:  

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