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AQUAPEF project part of the Marine Fish PEFCR Technical Secretariat

Part of the transition phase of the Single Market for Green product initiative of the DG Envi (EC) several pilots are being carred out to support the possible adoption of policies implementing the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). One of this polot is the Marine Fish PEF Category Rule development, which main aim is test the [...]

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LCA FOOD 2020 conference – Towards sustainable agri-food system

This unsual 2020 year, has brought an unsual LCA FOOD conference. The 12th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food has took place on 13th – 16th October 2020 in Berlin VIRTUALY. From 13 to 16th of Octiber 2020 a virtual conference has been carried out bringing together more than 400 participants. The International Conference [...]

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Last 25th of May, Manolis Tsapakis (HCMR) and Saioa Ramos (AZTI) presented main objetives and expected results of LIFE AQUAPEF project in the Annual meeting of Medaid H2020 project organized in Chania (Crete). In the session Manolis and Saioa explained main environmental problems caused by the mediterranean aquaculture production and the importance of measuring the [...]

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La CE financiará el proyecto LIFE AQUAPEF, coordinado por AZTI, que busca reducir el impacto ambiental en viveros de peces

La Comisión Europea acaba de aprobar un conjunto de inversiones por valor de 243 millones de euros con cargo al programa LIFE para proyectos a favor de la naturaleza, el medio ambiente y la calidad de vida en la transición de Europa hacia un futuro más sostenible e hipocarbónico. En el caso de España mencionábamos [...]

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