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First replication actions of the AQUAPEF tool in Greece

On 15 April, Dr. Saioa Ramos and Maite Cidad, researchers from AZTI's Efficient and Sustainable Processes Department and Victoria Litsi and Dr. Manolis Tsapakis from HCMR, took part in a workshop where they explained how the AQUAPEF tool could help companies to reduce their environmental impact. The workshop took place within the framework of the [...]

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Implementation of Environmental Improvement by the use of Automatic Feeding System

Forkys Aquacultures SA uses an automatic feeding system to reduce the waste of feed during feeding process. The automatic feeding system can control the amount of feed and the ratio that the feed delivered to fish. You can see all the details about the use of the automatic feeder in aquaculture in this video:  

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AQUAPEF Tool validation with aquaculture companies

Throughout 2021, as much as the health situation allowed and taking the necessary safety measures, the AQUAPEF project team members of Azti and Ingenet visited the facilities of the aquaculture company partners: Culmar, Forkys and Skironis. […]

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AQUAPEF presentation at Aquaculture Europe conference

Maite Cidad, a researcher of AZTI, attended the Aquaculture Europe 2020 online conference from April 12-15, 2021. In this international conference AQUAPEF projects results, specifically, the environmental impact results of seabass production in the Mediterranean Sea were presented through an oral communication in the session of “Circular economy, resource reuse and environmental footprint”. […]

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AQUAPEF project part of the Marine Fish PEFCR Technical Secretariat

Part of the transition phase of the Single Market for Green product initiative of the DG Envi (EC) several pilots are being carred out to support the possible adoption of policies implementing the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). One of this polot is the Marine Fish PEF Category Rule development, which main aim is test the [...]

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Last 10th of June, Saioa Ramos, coordinator of LIFE AQUAPEF project was invited to talk about the environmental impact of the mediterranean aquaculture production in the High Level Conference on MedFish4Ever organized by the General Fisheries Comission for the Mediterraneanof FAO. In the session Saioa explained main environmental problems caused by the mediterranean aquaculture production [...]

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