AQUAPEF Tool validation with aquaculture companies

Throughout 2021, as much as the health situation allowed and taking the necessary safety measures, the AQUAPEF project team members of Azti and Ingenet visited the facilities of the aquaculture company partners: Culmar, Forkys and Skironis.


The AQUAPEF tool was tested for its validation with the person in charge in each case, and, making the most of the trip, the open sea cages and the processing and preparation facilities were also visited. This action not only allowed companies to be informed about the functioning of the AQUAPEF tool and be able to give their feedback, but also Azti and Ingenet members to see the facilities more closely and learn more about the companies’ value chain and way of working. As a result, all the difficulties, misunderstandings, and, in general, the usefulness of the tool could be verified and considered when improving it in the following versions.

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