2019 Annual Meeting

25 and 26 of September 2019 all partners of AQUAPEF project join together in heraclion (Crete) into the first annual meeting. The obective of this meeting was to make a follow up to summairze main milestones achieved in 2019 and to plan the challenging 2020!!

Key Milestones achieved in 2019

  • Stablished Stakeholder HUB
  • First draft of AQUAPEF tool
  • Lis of potential improvement for aquaculture companies
  • First insights on potential communication strategy for consumers

Main obectives for 2020

  • Background dataset to perform LCA in mediterranean aquaculture
  • AQUAPEF tool in TRL8
  • Demonstration of environmental improvement
  • New environmental impact assessment methodology for the mediterranean
  • Insights on consumer and producers attitude towards sustainable aquaculture


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